Libya — Migrant Report 8 (March 2017)

25 Apr 2017 Libya Round 8 English Download

This report presents two sets of data from two different DTM operations. The first set of data originates from DTM’s round 8 Mobility Tracking (MT) data collection operations which took place between January to February 2017 delivering a country-wide static snapshot of Libya’s migrant population. Mobility Tracking data was collected formal of Libya’s 22 mintika, 100 baladiyas and 661 muhallas across Libya. Migrants were identified as residing in 22 mintika, 99 baladiya and 444 muhalla. The second set of data originates from DTM’s Flow Monitoring (FM) operations from December 2016 to March 2017. Collected during the same period as Mobility Tracking, Flow Monitoring presents a cumulative dynamic quantitative analysis from a sample of migrant-focused surveys in 9 regions in the country.


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