Libya — Migrant Report 38 (July — September 2021)

21 Oct 2021 Libya Download
DTM Libya identified a total of 610,128 migrants from over 44 nationalities in the 100 Libyan municipalities during Round 38 of data collection (July – September 2021). The number of migrants has continued to increase during the reporting period, continuing a trend which started in January 2021. However, the number of migrants in Libya continues to remain slightly lower than pre-pandemic levels and significantly below that of 2019 for the corresponding period of time (655,144 migrants present during June - July 2019; Round 26). Before the beginning of 2021, the migrant population in Libya had decreased consistently following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn which resulted in increased unemployment, a reduction in available labour opportunities, tightened security controls and mobility restrictions.


DTM Libya,