Libya — Migrant Report 37 (May- June 2021)

16 Aug 2021 Libya Round 37 Download

DTM Libya identified a total of 597,611 migrants from over 40 nationalities in the 100 Libyan municipalities in May and June 2021 during Round 37 of data collection. During the reporting period, the number of migrants in Libya remained fairly stable compared to the previous round of data collection (March and April 2021). In line with prior reports, the number of migrants in Libya currently remains lower than pre-pandemic levels.

In May and June, while the migrant unemployment rate decreased to 20 per cent from 22 per cent in April 2021 it remained higher than pre-pandemic levels (17% in February 2020). A greater proportion of unemployed migrants continue to report being unable to meet their needs than those who are employed. For instance, a larger proportion of unemployed migrants reported facing food insecurity, financial issues or lacking access to safe drinking water than those who were employed.


DTM Libya,