Libya — Migrant Report 35 (January—February 2021)

19 Apr 2021 Libya Download

In January and February 2021, 575,874 migrants from over 41 nationalities were identified in all 100 Libyan municipalities during Round 35 of DTM data collection. In line with the last round of data collection, the number of migrants identified in Libya by DTM in January and February 2021 remained fairly stable compared to November - December 2020. 

Despite a drop in the migrant population stocks in Libya, migration patterns remain heavily shaped by geographical proximity and diasporic ties. More than two thirds of migrants are from neighbouring countries: Niger (21%), Egypt (18%), Chad (15%) and Sudan (15%).

In line with a trend that has been consistent throughout the last year, the largest migrant populations were identified in the regions of Tripoli (15%), Ejdabia (12%), Misrata (10%), Benghazi (7%), Azzawya (7%) and Murzuq (6%).


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