Libya — Migrant Report 32 (July-August 2020)

23 Sep 2020 Libya Round 32 Download

This report presents the findings of DTM Round 32 (July and August 2020) data collection, in which 584,509 migrants of over 47 nationalities were identified in Libya. Migrants’ presence was recorded in all 100 Libyan municipalities and in 575 (out of 667) communities (muhallas). The number of migrants in Libya has been decreasing steadily since Round 30 (March-April 2020) and has dropped by an overall seven per cent between Round 30 (625,638 migrants) and Round 32 (584,509 migrants). The sustained decline in the number of migrants coincides with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated socio-economic impact and mobility restrictions.


DTM Libya,