Libya — IDP and Returnee Report 5 (August 2016)

31 Aug 2016 Libya Round 5 Download

DTM Libya's Mobility Tracking Report 5 has recorded a reduction in the number of IDPs present in Libya (Benghazi in particular). The number of returnees continues to increase, especially in Benghazi, Derna, Gwalesh and Kikla. The number of migrants reported in Libya has shown minimal change, increasing by only 5% since the last round. DTM identified 348,372 IDPs, 310,265 returnees and 276,957 migrants in Libya. DTM Libya maintained its geographic coverage established in its baseline, conducting assessments in all accessible areas of the country (100 out of 104 areas). Field assessments were conducted in 533 locations; an increase of 17 locations covered from the previous round.


DTM Libya,