Libya — IDP and Returnee Report 37 (May - June 2021)

26 Aug 2021 Libya Round 37 Download

This report presents the IDP and Returnee data covering May – June 2021. The data and findings represent round 37 of the Displacement Tracking Matrix’s (DTM) Mobility Tracking in Libya. As the security situation continued to be stable, by end of April 2021, no new mass displacements were reported while the trend of previously displaced families returning to their places of origin continued.

The number of returnees identified during the reporting period increased to 643,123 individuals, compared to 642,408 returnees reported during the previous round. This indicates a slight plateauing of the return trend as several IDPs face protracted displacement due to challenges such as lack of security or social cohesion in the place of origin, damaged infrastructure, unavailability of basic services in their places of origin, and houses destroyed due to armed conflict and uninhabitable upon return.


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