Libya — Displacement Event Tracking Report (1-30 September)

12 Oct 2018 Libya Download

Due to clashes between armed groups in Southern Tripoli between 26 August and 24 September, at least 5,270 families were displaced. Following the stop of hostilities on 24 September, more than 3,000 previously displaced households reportedly returned. For more information on previous displacement locations, please refer to DTM’s Tripoli Flash Updates.

Aproximately 2,700 migrants arrived to Swani Bin Adam, Approximately 250 migrants arrived to Sirt and Reportedly, 54 migrants from Egypt, Kenya and Sudan arrived in Benghazi.

Approximately 5,500 individuals returned to their homes in Abusliem due to the end of clashes; At least 9,400 individuals reportedly returned to their homes in Ain Zara after the security situation improved in the municipality; reported priority needs include food and NFIs.


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