Libya — Displacement Event Tracking Report (1-30 June)

05 Jul 2018 Libya Download

Clashes were reported in Khaleej Assidra oil port on the 14 June. The clashes continued until 21 June and resulted in the displacement of 20 households from Agila to Albriga. A further 100 households were reported to be displaced from Metrafeen to Ras Lanuf with 50 households departing Ras Lanuf towards Bin Jawad. As of 22 June, all displaced families returned to their original locations.

As of 3 July, clashes continued in the central area of the city: in Al-Maghar and eastern Shehha (Al-Qalaa). Up to 3,390 Families were reported to return to their homes in the areas that were declared safe.


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