Latvia — Displacement Surveys with Refugees from Ukraine and TCNs, Round #02 (01 Aug-30 Sep 2022)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Aug 01 2022
Sep 30 2022
  • Survey
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Since 24 February 2022, Ukrainians and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) have been fleeing from Ukraine to neighbouring and other European countries as a result of the war. From the beginning of the war in Ukraine until the the end of September, a total 170,919 Ukrainian nationals were reported at entry through Latvia’s external (non-EU) borders by the Latvian Ministry of Interior, and 39,119 have been registered by Latvian Ministry of Interior (CAK - Civil Support Information Registry). Also, a total of 40,666 have applied for temporary protection in the country as of 30 September. 

This report is based on a survey on displacement patterns, needs and intentions launched by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). All interviews were conducted face-to-face by IOM’s DTM trained enumerators with adult refugees fleeing Ukraine. This report presents an analysis based on 345 surveys collected between 1 August to 30 September 2022. Data collection was made in 9 different cities; the majority of the surveys (74%) were collected in transit places of the capital Rīga (collective and registration centres, bus and train stations, other open spaces). Another 26 per cent of the surveys were collected in the eastern region of Latgale. In particular, surveys were collected in entry and transit points in Rēzekne (15%), in Zilupe (5%), and other locations close to the border with the Russian Federation.