Italy — Current Migration Trends from Bangladesh to Italy (June 2017)

03 Jul 2017 Italy English Download

Bangladeshi migration to Italy is increasing since the mid-2000s: there are almost 143,000 regular residents (2016). 8,131 Bangladeshi migrants arrived by sea in 2016 (4.5% of total arrivals by sea); 7,106 arrived by sea between January and May 2017 (11.8% of the total). IOM data show that newly arrived Bangladeshi migrants are prevalently male, single and traveling alone. Most of those arriving by sea in Italy traveled by air via Dubai or Istanbul to Libya, where they intended to work and spent between 1 and 2 years on average. Migrants met by IOM reported high travel costs, often afforded through debts and family support. As conditions in Libya deteriorate, Bangladeshi migrants reported to IOM to have been compelled to leave: cases of forced work or work without payment have been reported. Bangladeshi migrants who arrived by sea in Italy and were interviewed by IOM reported that they mostly intend to stay in Italy although their family members are elsewhere, as they feel safe and perceive to have socio-economic possibilities.