Iraq – Protection Risks and Concerns Among Travellers Crossing for Work (September 2023 - November 2023)




DTM Iraq,
Period Covered
Sep 01 2023
Nov 30 2023
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring Survey
  • Flow Monitoring

DTM Iraq collects data at border crossing points with neighbouring countries – the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran), the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) and the Republic of Türkiye (Türkiye) – to better understand migration movements in the Middle East. Cross-border monitoring is designed to capture and describe migration flows. Data displayed in this report were collected employing two approaches: a headcount of all travellers entering or leaving Iraq and a survey of randomly selected travellers. Data collection took place between 1 September and 30 November 2023. Further details on the survey methodology, selection of respondents and border crossing points are available in the Methodological Overview on the DTM website.

As part of the activity, DTM team continued its effort of collecting data on issues that may signify protection risks and concerns among travellers passing through the monitored border crossing points for reasons relating to labour. This report presents a count of those travelling for reason related to work, as well as their main socio-demographic characteristics, type of employment/job offer pursued and possible indicators of exploitation such as performing work or any activities against their will, work without getting the expected payment or receiving false information about the nature or the location of the work.