Iraq — Integrated Location Assessment 7 (Informal Sites Assessment) (April-June 2022)




DTM Iraq,
Period Covered
Apr 01 2022
Jun 30 2022
  • Survey
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Baseline Assessment

This report provides a detailed overview of the conditions faced by internally displaced persons (IDP) and returnee families residing in informal sites at the time of data collection of the Integrated Location Assessment 7 (ILA 7, April–June 2022). The ILA informal sites assessment was conducted in two parts. First, the location, population and shelter type of all informal sites were collected nationwide. Second, if the informal site had 15 or more families, a full assessment of the location was conducted, designed in partnership with the Cluster members of the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG). In this report, data attributed to ‘fully assessed sites’ refer only to sites with 15 or more families.

The report concludes that families residing in informal sites face significant economic challenges impacting their ability to meet basic needs. Greater assistance and livelihoods programming are thus critical to support these groups. Additionally, the concerns surrounding water quality and waste collection highlighted in this assessment call for increased water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programming in informal sites. Despite the challenges of living in these sites, most families intend to remain in the short term and remain undecided about their intentions in the long term, which points to a need for greater durable solutions programming. More broadly, further assessments and monitoring of informal sites should be conducted to better understand conditions and emerging trends.