Iraq — Returns from Abroad Dashboard (October 2019)

19 Dec 2019 Iraq English Download

From May 2018 to October 2019, 12,054 Iraqi returns from abroad were identified in 15 Governates. The majority of the identified returnees (70%) came from two countries: Turkey (39%) and the Syrian Arab Republic (31%). Most of the returnees from abroad were recorded in the governates of Ninewa (57%), Thi-Qar (17%) and Anbar (11%). In Ninew, 60 per cent of returnees were reported in the district of Telafar while Sinjar accounted for 31 per cent of them. In Thi-Qar, 75 per cent were observed in the district of Nassirya, while 19 per cent were observed in the district of Al-Rifa'i. Finally, in Anbar, 66 per cent returned to Ana District while 12 per cent were in Fallujah.


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