Iraq — Return Assessment (March — May 2016)

13 Jun 2016 Iraq Download

Information presented in this dashboard comes from the IOM Iraq’s DTM Returnee Location Assessment, conducted by IOM’s field teams across the country from 25 March to 10 May 2016. 95% of returns are permanent or stationary (as opposed to “back and forth”). 87% of returnees intend to remain. 96% of returnee families were no longer separated. Drinking water is the main priority need for returnees in subdistricts located in various governorates, with approximately 30% of the returnee families in Iraq. Residence damage is, at 76%, the most common reason for returnees’ inability to move back into their habitual residences before displacement, followed by the location itself being dangerous, with 14%.  Returnees’ access to income is most difficult in the governorates of Kirkuk and Anbar, where most locations reported less than a quarter of returnee families with access to income.


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