Iraq — Displacement Report 84 (November 2017)

14 Dec 2017 Iraq Round 84 Download

As of 30 November 2017, the DTM has identified 2,883,738 internally displaced persons (480,623 families) displaced after January 2014, dispersed across 97 districts and 3,707 locations in Iraq. For the same period, DTM has also identified 2,759,658 returnees (459,943 families). Overall, the total number of identified IDPs decreased by 9% (289,350 individuals). Decreases were recorded across 17 of Iraq’s 18 governorates, including drops of 25% in Erbil (90,780), 18% (59,328) in Salah al-Din, 5% (46,482) in Ninewa, and 16% (42,144) in Kirkuk. The returnee population continued to increase steadily by 5% (135,228 individuals) during the month of November, following a surge of 15% (342,060) during the month of October. The governorate with the highest increase in the number of returnees was Ninewa with 72,684 individuals (14% increase). Considering the available information and the DTM methodology, the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) has revised the planning figures for the humanitarian response at 2.9 million internally displaced persons.


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