Iraq — Displacement Report 82 (October 2017)

15 Nov 2017 Iraq Round 82 Download

As of 31 October 2017, the DTM has identified 3,173,088 internally displaced persons (528,848 families) displaced after January 2014, dispersed across 99 districts and 3,719 locations in Iraq. For the same period, DTM has also identified 2,624,430 returnees (437,405 families). Overall, the total number of identified IDPs decreased by approximately 1%. Decreases were recorded across 10 of Iraq’s 18 governorates. The most notable increases in IDP numbers were 26% (40,242 individuals) in Sulaymaniyah Governorate and 19% (58,590) in Erbil Governorate. This rise was largely triggered by the handover of the disputed areas from the Kurdish Peshmerga to the Iraqi Security Forces during the second half of October. The returnee population increased by 15% during the month of October –three times the increase of the previous monitoring period. The governorate with the highest number of returnees was Kirkuk, which saw an almost 30-fold increase, partly due to the end of the Hawija crisis.


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