Iraq — Displacement Report 60 (December 2016)

08 Dec 2016 Iraq Round 60 Download

As of 8 December 2016, the DTM has identified 3,064,146 IDPs (510,691 families) displaced after January 2014, dispersed across 106 districts and 3,711 locations in Iraq. For the same period, the DTM has identified 1,273,824 returnees (i.e. 212,304 families). The launch on of military operations on 17 October 2016 in the governorates of Ninewa to retake the city of Mosul caused the displacement of over 82,000 of individuals in the course of less than two months. This large-scale displacement and the additional expected displacements prompted the inclusion of a seventh displacement period within the DTM methodology, from 17 October 2016 to date. The total number of identified IDPs decreased by 2%, i.e. by -49,812 individuals. Particularly, two governorates reported a significant decrease of the displaced populations, namely Anbar by 16% (-69,480 individuals), and Baghdad by 4% (-15,906 individuals.


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