Iraq — Displacement Report 48 (June 2016)

22 Jun 2016 Iraq Round 48 Download

From January 2014 to 22 June 2016, the DTM identified 3,320,274 IDPs (553,379 families), dispersed across 105 districts and 3,836 locations in Iraq. The governorates hosting the largest IDP populations are Anbar, Baghdad, and Dahuk (page 2), with a total of 1,523,136 individuals, corresponding to 46% of the total IDP population. A total of 77% of the displaced population (2,561,952) have fled from two governorates only, namely Anbar and Ninewa. DTM included a new displacement period in its current methodology. The sixth observation period extends from 1 March 2016 to date, and is intended to capture displacements caused by the intensification of military operations in Anbar and Salah al-Din. From 26 May to 22 June 2016 the total number of identified IDPs increased by 0.4%, i.e. by 14,016 individuals and the returnee population increased by 4%, i.e. by 27,822 individuals.


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