Hungary — Labour Market Integration of Refugees from Ukraine — Annual Report (2023)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2023
Dec 31 2023
  • Survey

Key Findings:

  • Among respondents, 63 per cent are active (employed or unemployed), and 37 per cent are inactive (student status, parental leave, retirement, unemployment and not looking for a job).
  • Within active population, 62 per cent are employed and 38 are unemployed.
  • Employment rate is higher (64%) among those who speak Hungarian fluently.
  • Women with children experience lower employment rates: 52 per cent are employed with at least one infant (0-4 years-old) and 57 per cent are employed with at least one child (5-17 years-old).
  • 58 per cent of women in single-headed households are employed.
  • Top reasons for unemployment and not looking for a job*: family duty (51%), medical conditions (21%), no need for job (14%). (*more than one answer possible)
  • Satisfaction with job and skills matching is higher among men (67%) than women (41%)
  • Top employment aspirations: professional roles (36%), roles in services and sales (15%), and managerial roles (13%).
  • Employment support is ranked among the top 5 needs*: 26 per cent of respondents are in need of employment support. (*more than one answer possible)