Hungary — Crossing Back Surveys with Ukrainian Nationals Annual Report (2023)




DTM Europe,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2023
Dec 31 2023
  • Survey
  • Return Intention
  • Flow Monitoring

The Crossing Back surveys conducted between January-December 2023 focused on individuals crossing back to Ukraine from or through Hungary, either for the short-term or long-term. For the purpose of the analysis, ‘’short-term visitors’’ are those who intended to spend 0-30 days in Ukraine, while respondents intending to stay for more than one month are labelled as “prospective returnees”.

The analysis of the survey participants’ marital status revealed a diverse range of relationship statuses. In total, over 61 per cent of the surveyed nationals identified as married, while 18 per cent of them reported to be single. Additionally, 12 per cent indicated being in a partnership, six per cent were widowed, and two per cent divorced. In 2023, the highest proportion of men were married (70%), followed by those who were single (17%) and those in partnerships (6%). Among women, a similar trend was recorded, as 59 per cent were married and 19 per cent were single. However, a higher proportion (13%) reported to be in partnerships, surpassing the equivalent figure for men.

Among the 1,253 survey participants, 76 per cent (N=948) were Ukrainian nationals, and 24 per cent (N=305) were Third-Country nationals (TCNs) with residence in Ukraine. The present analysis is derived from the responses of the Ukrainian participants.