Haiti - Testimonies from IDPs in MAPAP (July 2023)




Period Covered
Jul 21 2023
Jul 25 2023
  • Survey
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Site Assessment
  • Baseline Assessment

This report constitutes a complementary analysis to the quantitative reports already published by DTM as part of the fourth phase of site and neighborhood assessments in the MAPAP: Information sheet on the displacement situation in the West Department, Detailed mapping of the displacement situation in the MAPAP.

The quantitative results from Round 4 have demonstrated a trend of IDPs leaving host families to settle in sites. While the total number of IDPs in the MAPAP has not significantly increased since the end of 2022 (see Map 1 and Graph 1 below), their places of accommodation have varied significantly (Graph 2). By the end of 2022, only 25 percent of IDPs were settled in sites, whereas by June 2023, this percentage had risen to 45 percent, with nearly half of the IDPs now settled in sites (Graph 2). Given that the number of IDPs has not increased significantly, these results indicate that the same IDPs previously hosted by families are moving to settle in sites where living conditions are extremely precarious, and people are exposed to higher protection risks.

This report aims to deepen the understanding of this trend through testimonies from IDPs obtained through open interviews.