Haiti — Haitians forcibly returned to Haiti — Profiles, migration experience and intentions of Haitians returned in 2023




Period Covered
Jan 01 2023
Dec 31 2023
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Forced returns of Haitians to Haiti is one of the main human mobility trends in the country. In search of a better life, many Haitians attempt to leave the country through regular or irregular pathways. In addition to risking their lives, those who engage in irregular pathways are often forcibly returned to Haiti by their destination or transit countries.

In 2023, more than 216,000 people were returned to Haiti by different countries. Many are returned after living several months or years outside Haiti and face challenges reintegrating into their communities. Furthermore, security and socioeconomic conditions in Haiti exacerbate these reintegration challenges. Hence, even after being forcibly returned in the country, many people engage again, sometimes multiple times, in irregular migration, in search of a better life out of Haiti.

This report provides insights on the profiles of Haitians who were forcibly returned in 2023. It presents their socio demographic and economic profiles, their migration experiences and their migration intentions. Information was collected through individual surveys conducted with a sample of returnees. Surveys were conducted upon their arrival in the country (please refer to the last section of the report for more information on methodology).

The goal of this research is to inform the development or adjustment of migration governance policies as well as transition and development strategies to ensure that migration is a choice, rather than the consequence of a constraint, and that once engaged, it is safe and carried out with human dignity, and contributes to the socioeconomic development and well-being of migrants and their community of origin and of destination.