Haiti - Earthquake Displacement Report (June 2017)

30 Jun 2017 Haiti Round 30 Download

The three primary DTM operations track displacement caused by the 2010 Earthquake, Hurricane Matthew and secondary displacements which have been caused by the start of the rainy season, and deportations at the border with the Dominican Republic. There have been limited changes since the last monitoring session on earthquake-related displacement took place in May 2017. Three camps have officially been closed and all IDPs have been successfully relocated. There are 37,867 (9,347 households) IDPs living in 27 open sites. There has been no significant increase in the total number of IDPs caused by Hurricane Matthew and subsequent floods during the 2017 rainy season. A total of approximately 3,597 persons currently reside in 48 open sites. Movements at the border have remained at consistent levels over the last months. As of the 29st of June, more than 204,911 individuals have been recorded crossing the border. Of these, more than 49,442 have been officially deported and registered, 121,309 have crossed the border spontaneously. This month, 6,588 individuals crossed in total, of which 3,001 entered spontaneously and 2,993 were officially deported. IOM also facilitated the voluntary return and reintegration of 107 Haitian nationals from the Dominican Republic.  


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