Ghana — Rapid Needs Assessment of IDPs in Volta (October 2023)




Daniel Tagoe:
Period Covered
Oct 19 2023
Nov 22 2023
  • Site Assessment

The Volta Region in Ghana has experienced heavy rains and high inflows of water to the Akosombo and Kpong dam reservoir, leading to severe flooding that has displaced 39,333 people in 9 districts. Infrastructure, crops, and shelters have been damaged, and access to essential services has been disrupted. Between 19th and 22nd October 2023, the Inter-Agency Emergencies Working Group in Ghana (IAEWG) conducted a rapid needs assessments due to the floods in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO). The assessment focused on 2 districts (Central Tongu and North Tongu) and specifically in 9 safe havens (collective centers hosting Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs). Both districts have been severely impacted by the floods and currently host 75 per cent of the displaced population. The assessment team assessed 4 collective centers in Central Tongu (New Bakpa, Afetorgborkope, Farm Institute, Lunchtorkor) and 5 in North Tongu (Mepe Presby Junior High School [JHS], Mepe JHS, Mepe Presby Primary School, RC Primary school, Saint kizito). Collective centers were selected in coordination with NADMO based on two criterias: the accessibility and the highest number of IDPs.

Prior to the assessment in the collective centers, interviews have been conducted with NADMO regional directors in order to get an overview of the situation in the 9 districts. Through a network of 9 key informants and NADMO local field agents, in close coordination with IAWGE and local authorities on the ground, 9 interviews have been conducted, as well as 29 focus group discussions (FDGs) with men, women, boys and girls, including person with disabilities.  The focus groups discussion methodology has been validated by the participants of the Rapid Needs Assessments. FDGs with children has been done with the presence of specialized agency. The goal of the Rapid Needs Assessment was to identify needs of the displaced population, and to identify urgent humanitarian response to the floods.

This dashboard presents the results of the Rapid Needs Assessment on health, WASH, education, protection and mental health of the displaced populations living in collective centers in Volta after the flooding.