Ghana — Point of Entry Rapid Assessment Report (June 2020)

16 Jun 2020 Ghana Download

In a global public health emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic, PoEs and border communities play an important role in response and recovery efforts. They are usually part of front-line efforts to ensure disease surveillance, risk communication and community engagement (RCCE), infection prevention and control (IPC), cross border coordination and information exchange, and protection of vulnerable persons in mobility. To ensure the efficacy of measures put in place to respond to the pandemic outbreak and also ensure that recovery measures, including the resumption of international trade and travel, are carried out in a safe and effective manner, the capacities of PoEs and border communities in Ghana have to be enhanced to play their critical functions in COVID response and recovery. This assessment presents information on the operational status as well as the public health measures that have been put in place at 48 PoEs across the country. The purpose of this assessment is to help national authorities, United Nations agencies, civil society organizations and other key stakeholders develop adequate pandemic preparedness and response interventions at PoEs.


Daniel Tagoe: