Germany - Third Country Nationals arriving from Ukraine in Germany (June 2022)




IOM Germay,
Period Covered
May 14 2022
Jun 05 2022
  • Survey

Between 14 May and 5 June 2022, IOM Germany conducted a rapid survey amongst Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who fled the war in Ukraine to Germany. The study intends to gather insights into profiles, needs and intentions of TCNs displaced from Ukraine. According to official numbers, around 18, 000 TCNs from Ukraine have sought protection in Germany since 24 February 2022. On 4 March 2022, the EU agreed to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, granting refugees from Ukraine temporary protection and visa free entry to Germany; the legal perspective for TCNs, however, remains unclear. IOM Germany collected information through an online questionnaire distributed by key diaspora organizations, activists and online campaigns. IOM Germany is grateful for the support of the Network of African Diaspora, TANG e.V., Bridges Over Borders and Kenyan Women in Germany e.V. (KWIG), especially. This initial report presents data from 114 TCNs displaced from Ukraine who voluntarily and anonymously completed the survey (methodology note on page 2).

Main results: Most respondents are young 26 years old), single 83 and enrolled in higher education (65%). The majority of respondents hold Nigerian or Ghanaian citizenship and reside in Berlin and Southern Germany. Respondents spent varying amounts of time in Ukraine before being displaced, some less than year, others 5 years or more. Most left Ukraine without a clear destination (54%) but now would like to stay in Germany long-term (70%). The most pressing needs are access to education, language courses followed by financial and housing assistance. Many experienced discrimination and racism on their journey to Germany.