Flow monitoring of people on the move across the Americas in locations of high transit and presence of migrants in Costa Rica – April 2024




Costa Rica
Period Covered
Apr 01 2024
Apr 30 2024
  • Flow Monitoring
  • Mobility Tracking
  • Event Tracking

Cantons: Alajuela, Alajuelita, Cartago, Desamparados, Escazú, Corredores, Heredia, Los Chiles, San Carlos, San José, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Tibás

Costa Rica, like the other countries in the Central American region, has been characterized as a migratory corridor for people who transit by land from the south to the north of America and whose destination is the countries in the north of the continent. This flow on the move through the Americas is mainly made up of people from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, as well as people from other countries in South America, Africa and Asia.

According to estimations from IOM Costa Rica, during April 31,049 people entered the country, an approximate average of 1,035 people per day and estimating a decrease of 14% compared to March 2024. In addition, 874 people stranded in the monitored shelters were identified and 939 people stranded in the public places visited.