Europe — Flow Monitoring Surveys Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019




DTM Mediterranean,
Period Covered
Nov 01 2019
Dec 31 2019
  • Survey
  • Flow Monitoring Survey
  • Return Intention
  • Flow Monitoring

Between November and December 2019, DTM field team conducted 354 valid surveys in two different locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, capturing journey experiences of newly arrived migrants and refugees.
This report focuses on the analysis of the profiles, experiences and vulnerabilities of respondents surveyed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Due to the limited number of interviews, all surveyed are analyzed together.


The flow monitoring surveys (FMS) are part of the IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) activities in the Mediterranean that started in October 2015 and are conducted within the framework of IOM’s research on populations on the move through the Mediterranean and Western Balkan Routes to Europe. The collected surveys are regularly analysed and provide information on profiles of migrant and refugees, transit routes and vulnerabilities. All analyses together with the latest information on arrivals to Europe can be accessed via DTM´s Flow Monitoring Europe Geoportal. The survey gathers information on profiles of migrants and refugees, including age, sex, areas of origin, levels of education, as well as employment status before migration, key transit points on their route, the cost of the journey, vulnerabilities, reasons for moving and intentions.