Ethiopia — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 46 (July 2023)




DTM Ethiopia,
Period Covered
Jul 01 2023
Jul 31 2023
  • Flow Monitoring

In July 2023, a total of 48,133 movements were observed across six of Ethiopia's flow monitoring points (FMPs). This represents a 12% decrease in daily average movements in comparison with June 2023 when an average of 1,754 movements per day were observed.

Outgoing movements (57.1%) during July have shown an increase while incoming movements (42.9%) have decreased compared to the previous month mainly due to decreased incoming flows from neighboring Sudan through the Metema and Kurmuk entry points. A total of 27,485 outgoing movements were observed of which 11,366 (41.4%) were heading towards Saudi Arabia, 7,163 (26%) were going to Kenya, 3,216 (11.7%) were travelling towards Somalia, 2,631 (9.6%) to Djibouti, 1,051 (3.8%) intending to reach Yemen, 879 (3.2%) heading to South Africa, and 321 (1.2%) to Sudan while remaining movements were travelling to other Southern African, Middle Eastern, European and North American countries.

At the same time, 20,648 incoming movements were observed, of which 15,712 (76.1%) had originated from Sudan mainly fleeing the conflict that started in April, while 1,893 (9.2%) came from Somalia, 1,500 (7.3%) from Kenya, 1,464 (7.1%) movements from Djibouti, and the remaining from Yemen, Sweden, Uganda and Germany. Most of these (47.9%) were Ethiopians, followed by Sudanese nationals (46%) fleeing the crisis in Sudan. Returning Ethiopians departed from Sudan (51%), Somalia (19%), Kenya (15%), Djibouti (14%), and the remaining travelled from Yemen, Sweden, Uganda and Germany.