Ethiopia — Flow Monitoring Dashboard 40 (January 2023)




DTM Ethiopia,
Period Covered
Jan 01 2023
Jan 31 2023
  • Flow Monitoring

In January 2023, a total of 33,109 movements were observed across five of Ethiopia's flow monitoring points (FMPs). This represents a 3.5% increase in daily average movements in comparison with December 2022 when an average of 1,031 movements per day were observed.

Outgoing movements during January have continued to be higher (75.1%) than incoming movements (24.9%). A total of 24,872 outgoing movements were observed of which 9,618 (38.7%) were heading towards Saudi Arabia, 3,156 (12.7%) were going to Djibouti, 3,004 (12.1%) were travelling towards Kenya, 2,104 (8.5%) to Somalia, 1,765 (7.1%) intended to reach Sudan, 1,249 (5%) headed to Yemen, 706 (2.8%) to Qatar and 578 (2.3%) to the United Arab Emirates while remaining movements were travelling to several Middle Eastern, Southern Africa, European and North American countries.

At the same time, 8,237 incoming movements were observed, of which 3,245 (39.4%) had originated from Sudan, while 2,066 (25.1%) came from Djibouti, 1,607 (19.5%) from Kenya, 1,105 (13.4%) movements from Somalia, 186 (2.3%) from Yemen and the remaining from the United Republic of Tanzania, Belgium, the United States of America, Spain, Poland, the Russian Federation, France and Liberia. Almost all of these were Ethiopian nationals who were likely returning home.