Ethiopia — National Displacement Report 3 (November — December 2019)

10 Feb 2020 Ethiopia Round 3 Download

In order to capture the displacement and mobility dynamics in Ethiopia, DTM Ethiopia's National Displacement Report combines its findings from its Site Assessment (SA) in Section 1 and findings from the Village Assessment Survey (VAS) in Section 2. Through the Site Assessment which was conducted from 1 to 29 November 2019, DTM captured 1,733,628 IDPs (321,428 IDP households) in 1,199 sites. The biggest causes of displacement were conflict which displaced 1,140,713 IDPs, followed by drought which affected 387,711 IDPs and seasonal flood which affected 101,648 IDPs. VAS was carried out between 29 November to 11 December 2019 and covered 1,047 villages across 8 regions. VAS is targeted at locations with high returns to evaluate the absorption capacity of the village with a focus on accessibility of services, livelihoods and reintegration. A total of 1,303,736 returning IDPs, 45,034 IDPs, 6,975 returned migrants and 1,144,239 host community members were tracked through VAS.


DTM Ethiopia,