Ethiopia — National Displacement Dashboard 8 (November — December 2017)

31 Jan 2018 Ethiopia Round 8 Download

The DTM data collection was conducted in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) between November 3rd and December 8th 2017. The majority of the recorded population were displaced in 2017, with 553 sites reportedly opened that year. In terms of causes of displacement, conflict was reported as the primary driver (1,078,429 IDPs), followed by climate induced factors (528,658 IDPs). Conflict has consistently been the primary cause of displacement over time.The regions most affected by conflict-induced displacement are Oromia and Somali, however other regions including Tigray, Gambella and Amhara host IDPs from previous conflicts. While conflict-induced displacement was also recorded in Amhara and Gambella regions, very little of this displacement was from conflict in 2017. The vast majority of sites does not have gender segregated latrines.


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