Emergency Event Tracking Report Tawila, North Darfur 001

07 Feb 2021 Sudan English Download

DTM teams activated Emergency Event Tracking (EET) to monitor the displacement of individuals affected by inter-communal conflict between Fur and Arab tribes in Sharg Aj Jabal (East Jabal Marrah) and Tawila localities since 24 January 2021. The first update estimates a total number of 9,100 individuals (1,850 households) displaced across Katur village and seeking shelter in schools or other public buildings, as well as gathering in open areas. All individuals are Sudanese nationals. At least 875 individuals out of the captured caseload have additional vulnerabilities in need of assistance and support. Reports indicate that six individuals have died and eight sustained injuries, whilst at least 800 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have lost personal belongings and livestock. Based on a ranking scale, the three main priority needs identified are food, non-food items and emergency shelter.



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