East and Horn of Africa - DTM Info Sheet 2020

At the regional level, DTM operates under the Regional Data Hub. Established in early 2018, the RDH aims to support evidence-based, strategic and policy-level discussion on migration through a combined set of initiatives. These include: strengthening regional primary and secondary data collection and analysis; increasing information management capacity across countries; conducting regional research and analysis on mixed migration topics; providing technical support to key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to enhance their migration data portfolio in line with regional and global initiatives. 

DTM Regional office has supported the establishment of a network of 100 flow monitoring points along the four main migration corridors in the region in Burundi (13), Djibouti (5), Ethiopia (5), Somalia (7), South Sudan (47) and Uganda (23). Flow monitoring provides quantitative estimates of the flow of individuals through specific locations and informs about the profiles, travel history, intentions and needs of people on the move. In the region, this system also supports preparedness and response in public health emergencies by providing mapping and information on population movements in Burundi, Uganda and South Sudan, specifically in relation to the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a region with approximately 6 million IDPs, DTM is the official provider of internal displacement figures countrywide in Burundi, Ethiopia and South Sudan. DTM coverage is being expanded in Somalia. 


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