DTM Europe - Summary of key activities and findings, January - December 2020

The DTM Europe team operates out of Vienna, Rome, and Geneva to oversee, coordinate and support DTM activities in Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Western Balkans. In 2020, the DTM Europe team in cooperation with IOM missions and national authorities gathered, processed, and disseminated statistical data on new arrivals to Europe, the locations and occupancies of accommodation centres, and transit flows from approximately 435 entry, exit, and transit flow monitoring points. Moreover, the DTM Europe, in coordination with IOM Country Offices in European Economic Area and the South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions took part in a global exercise rolled out by IOM, to track, map, and gather data on restrictive measures imposed after the COVID-19 outbreak through a global Points of Entry (PoE) Baseline Assessment. This brief provides an overview of DTM Europe’s key activities throughout 2020.


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