Djibouti - Migration Trends Dashboard (December 2023)




DTM Djibouti,
Period Covered
Dec 01 2023
Dec 31 2023
  • Flow Monitoring

In December 2023, 29,636 migratory movements were observed at flow monitoring points (FMP) in Djibouti, with a daily average of 956 migratory movements. Migration flows observed across all FMPs increased slightly by 29 per cent compared to November 2023 during which 22,968 movements were recorded.

Of these 29,636 movements, 8,216 (28%) were observed in the Obock region where migrants cross the Gulf of Aden towards the Arabian Peninsula. Migration flows to the Obock FMP saw an increase of 69 per cent compared to November 2023. This increase could be due to a reduction in border controls with Ethiopia combined with rumors of resumption of boat departures from starting from the coasts of Obock where migrants are used to crossing the Gulf of Aden to reach the Arabian Peninsula.

Between January and December 2023, arrivals from Ethiopia reached (122,968) marking a significant increase of 20 per cent compared to the same period of the previous year (101,656). Migratory movements in November were mainly directed: towards the Arabian Peninsula (48%), inbound (43%), transiting towards Ethiopia (4%), transiting within Djibouti (4%), and outgoing (1%). Spontaneous returns from Yemen fell by 43 per cent due to high tides in the sea, from 505 in November to 286 in December, including 14 women (5%).