Djibouti — Migration Trends Dashboard (August 2023)




DTM Djibouti,
Period Covered
Aug 01 2023
Aug 31 2023
  • Flow Monitoring

In August 2023, 25,213 migratory movements were observed at flow monitoring points (FMP) in Dijibouti, with a daily average of 813 migratory movements. Migration flows observed across all FMPs increased by 17% in August compared to July 2023 during which 21,573 movements were recorded.

Of these 25,213 movements, 4,357 (17%) were observed in the Obock region where migrants cross the Gulf of Aden towards the Arabian Peninsula. Migratory flows to the FMP of Obock have seen a drop of 6% compared to the month of July 2023. This drop can be attributed to the amplification of surveillance operations by the Djiboutian Coast Guard in Obock and due to difficult weather conditions in this period of violent winds and rough seas. 

Between January and August 2023, arrivals from Ethiopia (84,814) saw a significant increase of 42% compared to the same period of the previous year (59,609). Migratory movements were mainly: transiting towards the Arabian Peninsula (45%), incoming (43%), transiting within Djibouti (5%), transiting towards Ethiopia (4%), and outgoing (3%). Spontaneous returns from Yemen fell by 57% from 805 in July to 349 in Augusts, including women (7%).