Djibouti — Migration Trends Dashboard (August 2022)




DTM Djibouti,
Period Covered
Aug 01 2022
Aug 31 2022
  • Flow Monitoring

In August 2022, 19,163 movements were observed at the Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) in Djibouti, representing a daily
average of 618 movements. Migration flows decreased by 5 per cent compared to July 2022, during which a total of 20,214
movements had been registered. It is worth highlighting that in August 2022 migration flows have dropped below pre-COVID-
19 levels (between March 2019 and March 2020, the daily average was 654).

Of these 19,163 movements, 2,883 (15%) were observed in Obock. This coastal region of Djibouti is the main gateway for
migrants going to and returning from the Arabian Peninsula. Migrants regroup at congregation points in the Obock region where
they then cross the Gulf of Aden on boats along what is known as the Eastern route.

Compared to the period of January to August 2021, movements from Ethiopia have increased sharply by 69 per cent with
94,164 entries between January and August 2022. However, compared to July 2022, these movements decreased by 2 per cent in August 2022. In addition, 3,989 Ethiopians have returned from Yemen since January 2022. Between July 2022 and August 2022, these returns decreased by 11 per cent. This continuous decrease may be attributed to the amplified surveillance operations by the Djiboutian coast guards in Obock.