COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Output — 15 February 2021




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Feb 15 2021
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The current outbreak of COVID-19 has affected global mobility in the form of various travel disruptions and restrictions. To better understand how COVID-19 affects global mobility, DTM has developed a COVID-19 database mapping the different restrictions to provide a global overview. For this, DTM uses the IATA site as the primary source of restrictions with the information reported per country and territory, and to the country of application.

Data collected includes:

  1. Date of restriction 
  2. Country, territory or area of restriction
  3. Countries, territories or areas on which restrictions were imposed
  4. Type of restriction- total restriction, or conditional restriction – such as medical/ and or visa restriction

This DTM COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Output presents an analysis based on country imposing, the country being imposed upon, and the aggregation of the restriction type. The aim of the data analysis is to provide an overview of the COVID-19 outbreak on global mobility and to help identify and develop responses.