COVID-19 Mobility Tracking Impact Points Of Entry Analysis - 28 February 2021 - EEA Region

As of 28 February 2021, data was collected on 816 PoEs in 30 countries/territories/areas across the EEA region. These locations include: 482 land border crossings points, 195 airports, and 139 blue border crossing points (including sea, river and lake ports). This work is based on the information collected by or available to IOM Country Offices in the region. This PoEs brief analysis provides an overview of the changes of the operational status and mobility restrictions over the past year, between April 2020 and February 2021. Since April last year (2020), when the global data collection exercise was rolled out, a total of 816 PoEs have been assessed so far as of February 2021, which is 52 more than the 764 PoEs assessed in April.


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