Chad — Sudan crisis response: Flash update 4 (26 May 2023)




DTM Chad,
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May 26 2023
May 26 2023
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A month after the beginning of clashes in Sudan, over 90,000 people have crossed the border into Chad. IOM estimates that more than 20,500 of them are Chadian returnees and expects this number to rise to 25,000 in the coming weeks. 

Intentions surveys show that many returnees are waiting for family members to join them or hope to return to Sudan to recover their belongings.  Most returnees are settled in spontaneous locations near the border with Sudan and are in urgent need of basic goods and services such as food, water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, non-food items, health and protection. 

IOM has trained several NGO and Government partners on site management to support better organization of the assistance provided to returnees.

Finally, the beginning of the rainy season threatens to hinder the access of humanitarian actors to vulnerable populations who do not want to leave the border areas.