Chad — Return Intention Survey Report 1 (27 February — 18 March 2019)

26 May 2019 Chad Round 1 Download

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been implementing the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Chad since May 2015 to collect information about displacement caused by the conflict currently affecting the Lac Province. The information collected is intended to provide both humanitarian and government partners with a better understanding of the intentions and living conditions of displaced populations in the Lac Province. To this end, DTM conducted household-level surveys to learn more about their future intentions and the factors necessary for the sustainable reintegration of displaced populations. For the first round of Return Intention Surveys, 3,076 households were surveyed in 60 displacement locations (villages and sites) from 27 February to 18 March 2019. 96 per cent of IDPs do not intend to return to their area of origin. Fear is the reason for which 91 per cent of IDPs did not plan to return. 81 per cent of returnees believe they will be able to  reintegrate their current place of residence. 91 per cent of households from the host community have trust in displaced persons. 96 per cent of IDPs and 93 per cent of returnees live in shelters made out of straw or metal sheet . 


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