Chad — Lac — Displacement Dashboard 16 (August — September 2021)

15 Oct 2021 Chad Round 16 Download
Since 2015, Chad has been subject to attacks perpetrated by non-state armed groups in the Lake Chad Basin, which has led to massive internal and cross-border displacement. In Chad, IOM has been implementing its Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Lac Province since May 2015 to monitor updates on the number, profiles and needs of populations displaced due to the crisis, in order to inform humanitarian and development programmes. Data are collected by interviews with key informants (including local authorities, traditional leaders, representatives of displaced persons and site managers). This dashboard presents the results of assessments conducted between 17 August and 16 September 2021, in 223 displacement locations. There was a slight decrease of less than one percent in the number of displaced persons during round 16 compared to the previous round. This is mainly due to a decrease in the number of former IDP returnees in assessed locations (16% decrease, see page 2). Key informants in multiple villages indicated that these people left for a few months to do agricultural works in their farms, located far from the villages, and intend to return after the harvest. Conversely, the number of Internally Displaced Persons increased slightly (1%, see page 2). Although displacement was observed between June (end of round 15) and August 2021 (beginning of round 16), most were secondary displacements of already displaced people, accounting for the slight increase in the number of IDPs. 


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