Central African Republic — Return Intention Survey in Bangui (July 2014)

606 IDPs were interviewed at 29 sites in Bangui. 87% of displaced persons left their place of origin since December 2013. 10% of displaced persons have stayed at more than one site. 80% of displaced persons intended to return to their place of origin within the next four weeks. 6% of displaced persons wished to stay at their displacement site, which shows an overall decrease from 36% in June 2014. Reasons that prevented the displaced back from returning to their place of origin were: belongings are stolen (74%), no financial means to return (68%), absence of authorities (68%), and do not feel safe (68%). Displaced persons’ primary needs are housing (39%), security (33%), and non-food items (15%).  


DTM Central African Republic, DTMRCA@iom.int