Cameroon — Return Intention Survey Round 18 (28 March—08 April 2019)

14 Jun 2019 Cameroon Round 18 Download

Within the context of the eighteenth round of Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) assessments in the Far North Region of Cameroon, a Return Intention Survey (RIS) was conducted with IDPs, Out of Camp Refugees and Returnees. The survey took place between 28 March - 08 April 2019 in 536 locations amidst the region's six department. 2,933 heads of households were interviewed in the course of the survey. 79% of IDPs and Out of Camp Refugees indicated they did not wish to leave their current location, while 18% wished to return to their location of origin and 3% expressed the wish to leave for a different location. 


DTM Cameroon,