Cameroon — Displacement Dashboard 12 (27 November — 8 December 2017)

31 Jan 2018 Cameroon Round 12 Download

The displaced population in Cameroon's Far North Region is estimated at 342,416 individuals (241,030 IDPs, 31,656 out of camp refugees and 69,730 returnees). 747 villages were evaluated including 4 new villages. 69 uninhabited villages were identified. 91% of the target population is displaced due to armed conflict in the region and 9% is displaced due to flooding and other climatic factors. 51% of the displaced population is male and 49% is female. 65% are under 18 years old, while 3% are 60 years old or older. 45% of those displaced live with host families, 15% live in rented houses, 22% live in spontaneous sites, 14% returned to their original dwelling, and one per cent live in the open air without shelter.


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