Cameroon — COVID-19 — Mobility Restrictions Report: Garoua-Boulaï (November 2020)

11 Nov 2020 Cameroon Round 2 Download

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected global mobility and tested health screening practices at points of entry (PoEs). While restrictive measures on mobility have been partially lifted, health and border staff working at PoEs have continued implementing public health measures such as disease surveillance, screening and testing. To better understand how mobility and health screening is affected at PoEs, IOM developed a mobility database mapping the location, status and different restrictions imposed at key PoEs. A first dashboard was published in May and assessed public health measures at all 65 official known PoEs in Cameroon. This report presents information on the operational status, public health measures and direct assistance at Garoua-Boulaï PoE (G-B), to help national authorities, United Nations agencies, NGOs and stakeholders identify best practices and lessons learned, whilst developing adequate pandemic preparedness and response interventions across Cameroon, and to inform future actions of the PoE Working Group.


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