Cameroon — COVID-19 — Mobility Restrictions Report (February 2021)

17 Mar 2021 Cameroon Download

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected global mobility in the form of various travel disruptions, restrictions and bans. While many of the mobility restriction measures adopted in March 2020 by national authorities to stem the spread of the coronavirus have been eased or lifted entirely, some land border crossing points continue to be shut off to traffic and are only partially operational to enable trade. However, given the recent rise in the number of cases, new mobility restriction measures could still be implemented by the Government. In order to better understand how these restrictions are affecting mobility in the country and how Points of Entry (PoEs) towards Cameroon are prepared to face sanitary challenges, IOM developed a mobility database mapping the location, status and different restrictions imposed at key PoEs. The purpose of this assessment is to help national authorities, United Nations agencies, organizations and other key stakeholders in identifying and developing adequate pandemic preparedness and response interventions at PoEs. This report presents data on public health and border management measures put in place or needs at 71 PoE across the country.


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