Burundi — Flow Monitoring Report (October 2018)

18 Dec 2018 Burundi Round October 2018 English Download

From 04 to 31 October, a total of 34,368 movements were registered at the 4 Flow Monitoring Points of Mbundi, Rusumo, Mukambati and Ntibitobangwa. Rusumo was the location that recorded the largest flow of movements (47%). A majority of the migration flows consisted of Burundians (76%), and of the outgoing flows directed towards the United Republic of Tanzania, 85% were Burundi nationals. The majority of movements (70%) were for a short period of time (short term local movement) while only 2% traveled for a duration for 6 months or more for economic reasons.


DTM Burundi, DTMBurundi@iom.int


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